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My name is Kevin, CoffeeBuzz.Coffee's co-founder and CEO.

Growing up in South America gave me a natural advantage to have easy access to coffee plantations. At an early school age, "Natural Science" class was held 95% of the time in the field , in our very own coffee plantation nick named - The Coffee Garden.

I can say that The Coffee Garden sparkle the interest and my passion not just for coffee but for a fresh and rich coffee taste. In one word my taste buds where simply "SPOILED".

Few a times... well maybe more than that, I would grab the berries straight off the coffee plant and down it went, tasting the uttermost sweetness of the soft pulp found in the berry. By now we could both agree that fresher coffee than that, would be an impossibility!

So there I was accustomed to tasting and drinking coffee that was roasted the same day and grown without any additional enhancers, chemicals or pesticides.

I am blogging today to let you know that you have the power to choose fresh coffee and do not have to settle for any coffee that have been in storage for years developing rancid oils - yeah you read it right the first time - rancid, or frozen, with pesticides or additional enhancers on the ground it grows.

CoffeeBuzz.coffee blog will bring you information about coffee lifestyles, how to make your cup of coffee the best coffee each time, different ways to prepare it, which items to use, and turn you into the most knowledgeable and best barista you will ever meet.

Your feedback is important to us, if you would like to leave your feedback, here are the options at hand;

email: kevin@coffeebuzz.coffee or sales@coffeebuzz.coffee

Twitter: https://twitter.com/salescoffeebuzz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeBuzzcoffee-1698830513737042/

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